Real UGC from Real Customers

Fake UGC isn't cutting it anymore. Automate your UGC engine with every order, while extending the LTV of your loyal customers.

After their first order, customers are sent a link to record a video testimonial.
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We call it CGC

Keryx automatically emails your customer after receiving their order, prompting them to record a video testimonial. Instantly view their submissions directly in Shopify.

Goodbye expensive, fake influencer UGC. Hello raw, authentic, Customer Generated Content. πŸ‘‹

Your CGC Engine Is Here.
  • 1

    Once an order is placed, the customer receives an email requesting their feedback via video testimonial. The brand can optionally offer a discount code after submission.

  • 2

    The customer is prompted with questions provided by the brand from the Shopify app and a recording is started.

  • 3

    Once the user answers all the questions, Keryx automatically uploads the raw video to your Keryx Dashboard for you to preview, download, and archive.

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Keryx allows customers to easily record and submit their video testimonials through an automatic email link, with the tool directly accessible in the email. Without Keryx, the process is more complicated, requiring manual recording, resizing, uploading, and sending, which can lead to errors and delays, as well as requiring more steps for the customer. Additionally, you would need to store the videos yourself. Oh, and did we mention we’re free?